Manipulation leicht gemacht - Berichte vom Freiwilligendienst

Auf dem Seminar im Juli 2017 haben wir uns intensiv mit Stereotypen und Rassismus auseinandergesetzt, auch im Bezug auf Berichte, die die Freiwilligen über ihr Einsatzland schreiben und welche Bilder sie dabei meist unbeachsichtigt transportieren können. Das Ergebnis der medienpraktischen Übung ist überwältigend: in nur 30 Minuten entstanden zwei vollkommen verschiedene Erzählungen über unseren Seminarort Hütten in Thüringen - ein traditionelles und ein modernes Bild.

Hütten - traditional village

If you want to go to Hütten and see true rural environment, there is the right place. When you enter the village there is a big board that says „Herzlich Willkommen Hütten“ which I would totally agree.
There are small places with few houses and open space for agriculture. There are a lot of farms and animals. To be honest Hütten is a pretty poor place where people work really hard for their everyday life and trying to simplify the day.
The people over there don't have electricity and water. They still use the old system of watering with the water pump and producing light from candles. Heating is covered by wood and the oven is one of the main places in the house.
The people look like 100 years ago and have really old habits of living. Beside all of this the people in Hütten are nice and helpful.
I've come to the conclusion that Hütten is one typical traditional rural place in Germany.

Hütten – modern place

When we arrived in Hütten we were overwhelmed by the modernity of the town. Hütten welcomes its visitors with a huge Villa from the Renaissance with huge windows and a big garden. Further inside the town, there is a wellness oasis with good food.
Our accommodation was an apartment flat with a winter garden next to the living room and solar panels on the roof. Everything looks so modern and sustainable! The food was amazing. We had a huge offer for breakfast, international meals for lunch and a nice dinner with good vines.
In Hütten all houses have huge garages as it is the pre-town of a huge city in Thüringen and all the bankers and actors live here.
Hütten even got a great lake! One afternoon we went there and relaxed. There were so many people but we had our one spot, arranged by our accommodation.
In the accommodation we could chill out and had lot of space for our computers. We even had fresh fruits the whole time.
The last evening we went to a party and danced the whole night.
All in all, we had an incredible time and we would recommend this gorgeous town to everyone who wants to visit a very modern and calm region.

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