Im September fand ein Jugendaustausch in Ungarn unter dem Titel "Refugees in Europe: Awareness, Commitment, Try!" statt. Hier ein paar Eindrücke und Ergebnisse des Projekts:




Refugees in Europe, awareness, commitment, try!

roject owner: Talentum Foundation

The project lasted for 10 days.

It all started one year ago, when writers Susan Bannuscher and Beatrice Abbate spent their EVS voluntary service in Hungary. They experience the situation of the arrival of refugees and this leaded to the thought of making a project, an Erasmus+ youth exchange with the goal of making young people conscious about this topic.

The host organization was Talentum Foundation, the same organization, where Susan and Beatrice volunteered a year ago, whose main focus is to connect people with voluntary opportunities in their city and beyond.

In this project four countries were involved, and each country organization selected four participants to their representative. Calí from Italy, Asociación Egeria from Spain, Friedenskreis Halle e.V. from Germany and Talentum Foundation from Hungary.

The aims for the project were to increase the participants’ knowledge about the refugee situation, and also, to support a tolerant and respectful intercultural exchange among Europeans and refugees.

The activities done to fulfill these goals were very interesting and educational. There were various workshops such as Human invasion, which simulates the experience of immigrating to another society that is intolerant and rejectful. Also an organization visited us from Budapest (Menedék) and we held a conference with lots of firsthand knowledge about the topic. In addition, each country prepared a presentation about their political situation, immigration and asylum seeking.

That last activity was visiting an open refugee camp in Kiskunhalas, with 48 refugees, mostly men. There the group could learn the conditions and work being done by the administration of the camp, the social workers and some NGOs.

Overall this was a very enriching experience, an opportunity to share knowledge, learn empathy and awareness about human rights.





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