Einen Sommer lang in Halle: Was Tété, Ayten und Quentin von ihrem Freiwilligendienst berichten

Tété Eda: My little volunteering experience in Deutschland, Halle (Saale) in the kindergarten Christusgemeinde

Hey hop, yesterday we arrived in Germany!
Today this is already the end of this adventure.
There is the end of three months that I was looking forward to. This adventure began with a small fear of the language especially.
Of course at the beginning it was a little bit difficult for me to talk and understand the children. But with a little perseverance things have improved because I heard the same vocabulary every day, and I got used on that words.
Lucky that I was working in the kindergarden Kita Christusgemeinde, to have a very cool boss and children. My first day already he gathered all the employees and their children, explained that I do not speak German and I am their new professor. He has spoken softly and taught me words in German.
I woke up every morning with a smile because I went to work with children super happy to see me coming to be amused – even couple up of them called me Papa, it was too cute and very rewarding for me.
The generosity and the gratitude of the children is priceless
Personally my first experience in kindergarden with the children for me is a success. I learned a lot not only for children but also for me.

« Reason needs the experience, but the experience is useless without reason »

Friedenskreis is helpful organisation with great hosting people and trying to help in every case. Staving a good relation with my tutor (Marie-Luise)
For everything that one volunteer service easier as I expected. Working with Friedenskreis, you have the opportunity to meet also new people from other ethnicity, culture. P.S. Spain, Turkey, Bosnia, Macedonia and Albania.. 
Also working for Friedenskreis gives you the opportunity to work in different professions that in your upcoming career could be very useful.
Volunteering with Friedenskreis was such as great experience, i want to thank all the bord of Friedenskreis for this great three months in Halle.

Ayten Salman – Freiwillige im integrativen Hort Halle-Südstadt des Lebenstraum e.V.

Durant mes 3 mois en Allemagne, j´ai beaucoup apris sur moi même, sur mes capacités jusqu´â present inconnu.

Ma mission en Allemagne était d´apporter de l´animation dans une association appelé Libenstraum. Un centre pour enfants  handicapés mental et motrice.

Travailler avec eux m´a fait réaliser qu´il ne faut pas s´arrêter sur des préjugés, les enfants handicapés en des capacités autant qu´un enfant  ´´normal ´´ selon mon experience. Des enfant qui comprennt mieux que quiconque les difficultés que peut avoir un enfant et n´hésitent pas á aider. Des enfant touchants, rempli d´imagination et d´amour.

Cancernant mes relations, découvrir le pays a changé ma vision des Allemands. Encore une fois ne pas s´arrêter sur des préjugés. Leur styles punk/ROCK, leur coupe de cheveux digne de frôler la chronique m´a fait réaliser que les allemants sont toute  aussi ouvert d´esprit qu´un francais ou autre. Ils ont leur style á eux et n´ont pas peur de  l´affirmer. Un pays super qui a beaucoup á nous faire découvrir. Un pays qui m´a conquis et dont j´ai hâte de remettre les pieds.  


Während meiner 3 Monate in Deutschland habe ich viel über mich und über meine Fähigkeiten, von denen ich bisher nichts wusste, gelernt. Meine Aufgabe in Deutschland war Freizeitaktivitäten anzubieten im Hort von Lebenstraum. Das ist ein Zentrum für Kinder mit geistigen und körperlichen Behinderungen.
Mit ihnen zu arbeiten hat mich verstehen lassen, dass man nicht an seinen Vorurteilen festhalten sollte; meiner Erfahrung nach haben die Kinder mit Behinderung genau solche Fähigkeiten wie die „normalen“ Kinder. Es sind Kinder, die besser irgendwelche Schwierigkeiten, die andere Kinder haben können, verstehen und die nicht zögern anderen zu helfen. Sie sind rührend, voller Phantasie und Liebe.
Was meine sozialen Kontakte betrifft: das Land kennenzulernen hat meine Sicht auf Deutschland verändert. Noch einmal: es ist besser, seine Vorurteile über Bord zu werfen. Wenn ich ihren Punk- und Rockerstyle oder ihre Frisuren, die echt bemerkenswert und ungewöhnlich sind, sehe, denke ich, dass die Deutschen genauso offen sind wie Franzosen oder andere. Sie haben ihren Stil und keine Angst, ihn zu zeigen. Ein tolles Land, wo man viel entdecken kann. Es hat mich gekriegt und ich werde bestimmt wieder kommen.

Quentin Briosca – Freiwilliger im Tageszentrum des Clara Zetkin e.V.

This experience gave me a lot of personal and professional things.
This 3 months, I developed a lot and I´ve find myself.
I would like to say thanks you to everybody I´ve met in Halle and who gave me a lot.
Some real friendships were born.
Thanks you also to Marie from Friedenskreis that you found a good place to live and work.
Thanks also to all people from Clara Zetkin. I´m glad that we met. You also gave me a chance to come back to work in one year as a volunteer and I appreciate it.
A bientot.

A typical day for me in Clara Zetkin Tageszentrum:

  • After we drive them home and the work is over.
  • If it´s not raining, we go play outside some sports and so on around of 2:30 pm…
  • We eat together around of 1:30 am.
  • Two of us drive to catch the childrens at their own school around of 11:30 am and two children come alone to the HEIM. Most of time I´m cooking and they drive because I haven´t my driving licence.
  • Planning the day with my work´s mates.
  • Starting work at 10 am.
  • Choose what we´ll eat today, and so we cook.
  • If the food is ready, I go play with the children before all are here.
  • We watch the kids for cleaning their own eating´s stuff (plate, cup…), we watch out they brush their teeth, after we help them with homework. I also try to help them with their homework (English and Maths).
  • One hour later we do a kind of personal report for every kid for every day: this is done by the children together with us and they get a candy if they were nice.