Cooperativa Margherita
Sandrigo, Italy

für 2018-2019 frei

 Description of the organisation

BallonCooperativa Margherita is a non-profit organization and social enterprise based on the principle of mutuality. It was established in 1987 and offers specific services arising in response to social needs, with a strong vocation for multi-level integration and development of the people. The main target groups of the organization are children, youth, elderly and persons with disabilities who are suffering from social exclusion. Cooperativa Margherita provide them with lifelong learning, training and support activities with the focus on their growth, self-determination and the containing of cognitive impairments. Each activity is built on connection with the local network, formed by associations, authorities and the citizens themselves. Moreover, the organization also deals with different issues focusing on: territorial cooperation and social development, women at work, economic crisis, human rights and migration. Cooperativa Margherita creates training patterns about specific sectors and topics – such as importance of team-working, drafting and evaluating the projects at the community level – and awareness raising events about emerging territory-related issues – i.e. equity and inclusion, active citizenship and participation, social policies, etc. We aim at activating the local community through the organisation of public events and meetings, fostering active citizenship and responsible participation. In the last years, we are hence proposing ourselves not only as a provider of social and health services, but also as a “cultural vehicle of change” proposing activities for both our target groups and the whole citizenship.

What you will work on

Project activities include participation of volunteers in various activities to support disadvantaged and/or disabled people and youth, elderly with Alzheimer or other cognitive problems, children and minors in need of special protection and/or with disadvantaged backgrounds (including immigrants or descendant from immigrants families). This might include animation activities (excursions, walks, etc.); stimulation interventions and workshops (writing, reading, memory exercises, etc.); participation in meetings with family members, caregivers, family assistants; expressive, cognitive and sensory-motor activities (painting, writing, swimming); social integration labs (recycled paper labs, cultural visits, leisure activities); support for hygiene/personal care;
technical laboratories of informatics and communication; social skills workshops (rules of behaviour, processing of moods); territorial integration in collaboration with other entities and associations; evening entertainment (theatre, cinema); outdoor stays and excursions at the seaside or mountains
It is important to mention that in these  kind of activities  one volunteer will be specifically assigned to the centres for people with Alzheimer (and cognitive problems) to contribute his/her creativity to the development of new activities and methodologies addressing this target group. - Supporting the Cooperative social activities. Margherita has new headquarters together with a café and new multifunctional rooms. The new headquarters are intended as an open space to promote territorial animation and social initiatives directed in general to the citizens, but focused also on attracting youth (including those with disadvantaged backgrounds). Moreover, during these years the Cooperative is increasing its role of cultural centre. Thereby volunteers will be asked to help in the management of new facilities establishing a direct contact on the territory with the purpose of creating new integration opportunities;  co-design and implement public activities to involve not only the users of the centers, but also youth and citizens (laboratories, courses, events, etc.); contribute to the cultural, promotional and fundraising activities of the Cooperative; sensitize and promote topics concerning human rights and social issues; support the management of "no-working" activities, i.e. the free-time within individual projects, etc.; strengthen connection with the wider social environment.


At present, the cooperative consists of 71 working members among educators, health workers, social workers, sociologists, trainers, administrative and accounting staff. The Cooperative provides social, health and relational services that allow our beneficiaries to continue to live at home also supporting their families.

Spoken languages

English, Italian


Sandrigo is a town in a province of Vicenza, Veneto, Italy with a population 6,333 people. Veneto's capital is Venice is approximately 63 km/39 min. away from Sandrigo. The town is famous due to the "Festa del Baccalà", where a typical Venetian- Italian dish Baccalà alla vicentina from the stockfish is prepared.

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