Nashe Podillia

Ukraine, Vinnytsia

Description of the organisation

Youth Non-governmental Organization "Nashe Podillia" (Receiving organization) is an active unit in the civic society of Ukraine. Its history stretches for more than 10 years with numerous projects carried out on local, state and international levels. The most active directions of work of the NGO are facilitating the institutional capacity of rural and small NGOs over the Ukrainian territory, environmental education and trash segregation, democracy and participation of young people in the communities' lives, cultural initiatives, independent and amateur media. The main working force of our NGO has always been the volunteers who gather around the organization from the local community – universities, youth circles and from other youth organizations that "Nashe Podillia" cooperates with. That is how the organization develops young people and gives them a chance to tackle some burning issues of the community. The organization is as well proud of its international ties, which led to a number of projects: youth mobility projects (“Youth-in-Action” and “Erasmus Plus” in particular) and youth exchanges, study exchanges for professionals from the NGO sphere and for other civic society activists, school exchanges, multilateral projects aimed at strengthening the capacities of local communities through trainings and empowerment, etc. As well YNGO “Nashe Podillia” has a profound experience in organizing music festivals. Namely for 5 years in a row (2005-2010) it carried out the charitable music festivals called “Muzentropiya” that aimed at gathering costs for socially burning issues on the local level. YNGO “Nashe Podillia” is a founder member and the coordinator of the “Civic initiatives in Ukraine” network ( YNGO “Nashe Podillia” together with its local partner NGO “DC Pangeya Ultima” have founded the “Intercultural Youth Studio” ( – special project platform that hosts several project ideas. All these projects are based on the use of international youth mobility instruments and aim for intercultural dialogue. The two projects that have already proved their success are the “YouthInsight” project (development of youth and amateur media products) that ran in 2 rounds since 2014 and the “Image Mapping” project (facilitation of touristic attractiveness of the remote communities and activation of the local population). Other experience of the organization in the sphere of the youth media includes a launch of civic journalism web-portal “Miy Podilskyi Maidan” ( of a city-wide scale which was founded by “Nashe Podillia” several years ago (with the support from USAID). Within this project the organization’s members had experience in producing social audiovisual advertisements which were shown on local TV-channels as well. This expertise will readily be shared by “Nashe Podillia” for the European volunteers and the “Intercultural Youth Studio” team and the abovementioned experience will help “Nashe Podillia” with the project management issues. YNGO “Nashe Podillia” has all necessary competences, capacities and connections at the venue of the project to organize festivals and other mass events. “Nashe Podillia” has been organizing a charitable music festival called “MuzEntropiya” during five years, as well the organization in 2008 was a local partner during organizing one of the hugest Ukrainian ethno-festivals “Art-Pole” ( in the vicinity of Vinnytsia. The organization remains closely tied to the “Art-pole” cultural group that poses itself as a cultural agency which activities transcend often culture going to civic activism and acute social interventions addressed by art instruments.

Your tasks

The volunteers will be involved into the projects that utilize international volunteering instruments particularly to achieve the intercultural effect that reinforces the main needs of the project aims. These are the “Green School” project: leading of environmental master-classes, following the trash segregation campaign, conceptual activities; “YouthInsight” project: development of audiovisual materials; “Image mapping” project: ethnical research of small rural spots, organization of working camps. These are the “Green School” project: leading of environmental master-classes, following the trash segregation campaign, conceptual activities; “YouthInsight” project: development of audiovisual materials; “Image mapping” project: ethnical research of small rural spots, organization of working camps As well YNGO “Nashe Podillia” is continuously involved into the linguistic education and the hosted volunteers deliver language speaking clubs on yhe basis of the local public library. The organization promotes volunteering opportunities among youth and organizes informational events on this subject.

Preferable competences of the volunteer

Our organization stands on the principles of friendly and in the same time responsible professional cooperation inside the team. We would like the volunteers could get freely into the informal atmosphere but in the same time followed some organizational processes and were the team-players. We want the volunteers really cared about the missionary goals of our organization and for its development. In the same time we need the volunteers to be ready to get the versatile range of experiences and skills. The most desirable traits of the volunteer besides the high motivation are: open-mindedness, integrity, trustworthiness, initiativity and independence.

What volunteers can learn

The volunteers will gain a range of different experiences and learning outcomes within the respective project responsibilities depending on the projects. But on the first place these are the valuable team-work, cooperation with the community members, public speaking, digital competences. Strong and saturated intercultural exposure is guaranteed and the volunteers gain other personal benefits like self-organization, time management, sense of initiativity and responsibility. Attached to separate project directions the volunteers get audiovisual, pedagogic, environmental skills. The volunteers learn how to cooperate with the local community and learn the intersector partnership practices on the local level.


Organization consists of professionally involved coordinators as well as from the volunteers. In all there are 3 coordinators, an accountant and the supervisor of the international volunteers. As well our organization is affiliated with the partner youth center – NGO “Development center Pangeya Ultima”. From this center a lot of volunteers participate in the activities of YNGO “Nashe Pidillia”. Especially in the intersecting projects: “Youthinsight” and “Image mapping”. The organization cooperates with the Peace Corps of USA and from the end of 2015 the organization hosts the US volunteer.


The local coordinators and members of the organization in their daily communication use the Ukrainian language. However, many specialists including the director and the volunteers' coordinator have high level of English language possessment and in their interactions with the international volunteers use the English.


The volunteers are accommodated usually together by 2 or 3 persons in one apartment. The organization cares for the high standards of living and selects the apartments sticking to the following criteria: closeness to the transport or to the center of the city, availability of all the needed facilities, equipment including the washing machine, internet connection. Each volunteer has a separate room for privacy.


Vinnytsia is a medium-sized city in the Central Ukraine with population of nearly 400 000 and all necessary facilities for normal cultural, business and social activities, though not having a developed international air-port. Nowadays Vinnytsia is developing rapidly and is known in Ukraine for its effective public transport, huge universities and modern laser-light fountain acclaimed to be the biggest in Europe. Vinnytsia has great sightseeing places like a Pirogov’s estate with the embalmed body of the surgeon himself, two huge cathedrals and many other Orthodox and Catholic churches, pleasant park with attractions. On the vicinity of Vinnytsia there’s a vast forest with forest lakes.

Eindrücke aus dem Alltag von Theresa, Freiwillige 2015-16

"Als feste Termine hatte ich am Anfang der Woche montags ein Treffen mit dem gesamten Team, wir haben die vergangene Woche ausgewertet und kommende Aufgaben besprochen, außerdem wurden wir immer dazu angehalten einen feedbackbogen auszufüllen (haben leider selbst nie wirklich Konstruktives feedback erhalten), am Abend gab es dann ein treffen in der anderen organisation (pangeya ultima) mit deren Mitgliedern. am dienstag hatte ich immer den deutschklub in der bibliothek. die restliche zeit haben wir je nach aufgaben unterschiedlich aufgeteilt; es gab Wochen, wo wir entweder viel videos gedreht haben, mit deren Vorbereitung beschäftigt waren oder dann zusammen im büro diese bearbeitet und geschnitten haben. ich habe als eigenes Projekt zwei bis drei mal pro Woche eine schule besucht und dort mit zwei verschiedenen Klassen zusammengearbeitet (anfangs auch mit drei Klassen Deutschunterricht, spiele, Konversation und so). mit einer klasse habe ich ein hörspielprojekt zu Toleranz und Diskriminierung erarbeitet (frei nach dem Kinderbuch ‚Irgendwie Anders‘ von Kathryn Cave) und mit einer anderen Klasse habe ich eine Einführung ins Filme machen durchgeführt (am Ende ist daraus u.a. der Trailer fürs Festival entstanden). die restliche zeit habe ich viel mit eigenen Projekten verbracht (eine Dokumentation über einen trans-menschen aus kyiv, auflegen, Musik produzieren, meine dokumentarische kurzfilmreihe ‚BLOCKS‘ zum leben in plattenlauten, Gitarre spielen), außerdem habe ich sehr genossen oft auf den markt zu gehen und neue Rezepte auszuprobieren. ich habe auch einige ukrainische freunde gehabt, mit denen ich viel zeit verbracht habe (u.a. im queer home) und auch ab und zu mal im land unterwegs war (meistens in lviv und kyiv)."

Ergebnisse und Eindrücke aus dem Youthinsight-Projekt findet ihr auf dem Projekt-Blog. Auf Youtube sind außerdem die Videos zu finden, die im Projekt von den Freiwilligen 2015-16 gedreht wurden.

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