Volunteering in Lebens(T)raum - report from Merve Tağ

I am Merve, I currently work as a volunteer in Lebenstraum. I started to my European Volunteer Service on October. So it has been four months that I am working in Lebenstraum. I actually do not like to say ‘work’ because what I do and experience is mostly fun!

I work from three to nine (in the evening), this hours of work could have been a problem for some others but it is perfect for me. Sometimes I work weekends too because people we support live there. So this means you can even work in Easter or Christmas but the best thing is it is not obligated, you can play on your monthly schedule. Everybody have at least eight days free in a month and as a worker you can choose when you wanna have your free days. One can even have four free days together. So for example on December i had 12 days free and i choose not to work on Christmas. Schedule depends on you not to teamleader, which is great for me.
Let's talk about what we do in Lebenstraum. The people who lives there come to the ‘home’ at three. Our duty is to drink coffee or have a chat with them, to help them by showering in the evening. One of them has wheel chair so I should also help to change diapers. But the best thing is that when you do this things you are never alone. My colleagues are always helpful. I could even say that they are the best! They help me with German language, with work or when I was sick they never let me to work, everything is so easy going in Lebenstraum.
People who live there also were so helpful, they help me with everything. I should also add that they all are so lovely and heartwarming!


This photo has taken before dinner, and there is only the people from first floor, so we also have four more people but it was the shower time for them.
I still have seven months here but it makes me really sad to think about leave here! It is so
easy to have intense connection with them. Everyday is an another experience in here!

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