ONE  DAY AT  WORK- from Melisa Mulabećirević

( Bürgerhaus “AlternativE”)
I really love this place, and it's always good like you are with people that you know all your life. I'm always happy when i must go there.
My work day starts that when I come i ask people what is planed for that day. The person who is always with me is my mentor. He always gives guidelines on how and what I need to do that day. And I am very happy to have him as  my mentor.

Sometimes we are just sitting , drinking a coffe  and plan how we will prepare something for that day.
Then we are preparing all that is necessary to welcome children, that comes that day. Sometimes it's birthdays, sometimes children from kindergartens, schools come and we are doing  some creative things with them and it is interesting.

My role here is to help children, to help them to develop creative things, to talk with them and we are always having a good time together. There are a lot of smiles and funny things.
After that part when we do things and create with children comes a time when they must eat, and very happy that u can help with that.

What I noticed during the volunteering and what is different from the place where I come from is the fact that so many children like to eat is „Nudeln in Tomatensauce oder mit Käse „ – always.
It's impressive to watch them when they eat in sweetness and always ask for more. They are so small and still can eat a little more.
The children are always curious and asked me where I was from, how old I am and what I'm doing here.

When I tell them where I was from, since they do not know where Bosnia is they are asking me "whether it is in Africa, Asia or wherever." And it is always funny and nice to be with them. I love that I am with them, that we can dance, play or cook together. They are so small but you can always learn something with them.