Internationale Fachkräftemaßnahme MISS TO YOUNG PEOPLE


Internationale Fachkräftemaßnahme MISS TO YOUNG PEOPLE
Mi, 1. September 2021 - So, 5. September 2021


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Wenn du mit jungen Menschen arbeitest und Lust auf Fortbildung hast, dann kannst du im September an zwei internationalen Trainingskursen teilnehmen. Ein Kurs dreht sich um die Themen digitale Kompetenzen/Datensicherheit und findet in Italien statt und der zweite Kurs vermittelt dir in Rumänien erlebnispädagogische Grundlagen in der inklusiven Arbeit mit jungen Menschen.

Internationale Fachkräftemaßnahme


More Information, Safe Surfing

internationaler Trainingskurs vom 1.-5.9.2021 in Galbiate, Italien

Young Generation, called also digital natives surf on the internet, spending increasing amount of their time consuming digital media and creating networks via online social networks, combining global connectivity with local roots. In online world young people find a place to share experiences, ideas and point of views, but they “wish to have access to news and information that is understandable, youth friendly and not misleading”especially due to the general sense of negativity regarding internet caused by the linked risks of privacy violation and exposure to potentially harmful contents.

During a Consultation for the Structured Dialogue and policymakers’ objectives, young people were asked to propose solutions targeted on their needs and they suggested educational programmes to develop media literacy and better education of youth professionals to address the lack of knowledge and skills amongst youth workers, teachers and others of the online world.

The project MISS TO YOUNG PEOPLE is in line with the solutions proposed and aims to face this lack of knowledge and skills in the topic of media and digital literacy and boost youth work competences in this area on partner organization for a more innovative and higher quality youth work.


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