Tirana Ekspres - The alternative cultural center of Tirana

Albanien, Tirana

Description of the organisation

Mission: Raising awareness through social activism in field of art, civil society, environment and social business
Aim: Increasing the cultural diversity inclusiveness and educate bright generation focus on traditional and progressive form of verity of art in general. Protecting and promoting a society which is responsible for living in a healthy environment by decreasing the use of harmful plastic materials and replacing them with alternative practice and healthful solutions.  

Visual art
Tirana Ekspres organizes plenty of art exhibitions, offering local up-and-coming artists the chance to promote their work. Not stopping at this, however, at Tirana Ekspres you can catch a variety of activities devoted to the promotion of art and literature such as poetry readings and thematic cultural discussions. And, at the very least, you can use its cozy space to do some of your own peaceful reading.

Tirana Ekspres is perhaps most famous for its Jazz Wednesdays. While most other pubs and cafés in Tirana are fairly quiet on Wednesday evenings, this little corner behind Avni Rustemi Square lights up the night. The buzzing atmosphere created by the great selection of jazz tunes and cocktails will make you think the weekend has come early. And, just in case you miss out on Wednesday’s Jazz Night, you can always catch the one on Saturday.

Extraordinary theatre plays and live performances

Movie Night
Here, the week begins with Monday movie screenings, starting from March until the end of fall. What is great about this specific kino-club is the unexpected and absolutely great selection of movies, ones which always inspire discussions and debates among the audience. Imagine a veranda full of movie lovers who discuss the films of Fellini, Antonioni, Kubrick or Tarantino while enjoying a drink under the stars. What better way to start the week?
What else?
In 2012 Tirana Ekspres went green while launching the campaign “The Rodon Cape Guards”.
The aim is to clean one of the most beautiful and most polluted areas in Albania.
We organized fundraising events and 15 cleaning actions involving more than 600 volunteers.

EcoCenter Ishëm  
EcoCentre in Ishëm is the coordination point for environmental protection and regional promotion projects of Tirana Ekspres.
We focus on ecology and environmental protection of Ishëm district, including Kepi i Rodonit, through regional promotion, scientific and cultural activities.

Atlantid Beach
Atlantid Beach is part of Tirana Ekspres’ project to promote Regional Environment, Eco-Tourism and outdoor sports in the area of Ishëm.

Tirana Trails
Tirana Trails is a project by Tirana Ekspres in collaboration with the Agency of Parks and Recreation of the Municipality of Tirana (APR), to build a network of trails around the city of Tirana. The soft hills, the ancient villages, the olive groves, the Mediterranean scents, the looming castles, the monuments,
the caves, the forests, the lakes, and the idyllic landscapes, offer an unused opportunity to build new social and economic prospects for rural and urban Tirana.

 Im Anhang der Brief einen Freiwilligen, der seinen Freiwilligendienst bei Tirana Ekspres absolviert hat.:

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