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Peace services - International longterm voluntary services is one area of work of Friedenskreis Halle e.V. Within that area, we inform on such services, send volunteers abroad and host volunteers Germany.

In hosting volunteers from abroad in Germany we operate as coordinating organisation for services at different places of assignment in Halle and surrounding and as place of assignment ourselves. We aim at cooperation with permanent partner organisations as sending organisations.

We operate via two funding programs: the EU program “Erasmus+” (European voluntary service, EVS) and the German program “weltwärts” (developmental voluntary service “weltwärts”). Differences are mainly at administrative level. We aim at few differences in the actual design of our services.

We understand and designed our services as peace and learning services. A service lasts 12 months and usually starts mid september each year. In principle we welcome everybody as volunteer, who meets the administrative criteria and who feels ready and is open for a service with us.

You want to know more?

For information about the different types of voluntary services we offer check the European Youth portal for the "European voluntary service (EVS)" and the weltwärts-homepage for the "weltwärts-service".

For information about Friedenskreis Halle e.V., the specific upset of our service as peace and learning service, preparation of the service and living in Halle, we prepared an information booklet: "Welcome!". Further have a look at our mission statement.

For information about the places of assignments we coordinate a service at, please have a look at the profiles for each place of assignment:

  • Lebens(t)raum e.V., program: weltwärts, profile
  • Kita Marktspatzen, program: weltwärts, profile
  • Clara Zetkin e.V., program: weltwärts, profile
  • Kita St. Ulrich, program: weltwärts, profile
  • S.C.H.I.R.M. Projekt, program: weltwärts, profile
  • Friedenskreis Halle e.V., program: weltwärts, profile
  • Kulturwerkstatt Grüne Villa, program: weltwärts, profile
  • Pflanzgarten der Franckeschen Stiftungen
  • Kinder- und Jugendhaus e.V., program: weltwärts, profile
  • Bürgerhaus „alternativE“, Humanistischer Regionalverband e.V., program: weltwärts, profile
  • KindElternZentrum Lieskau, program: weltwärts/EFD, profile
  • Welcome-Treff der Freiwilligenagentur Halle-Saalkreis e.V.
  • Hort der evangelischen Grundschule Halle, program: weltwärts, profile

Finally, under "Berichte" (reports), you find reports of actual and former volunteers of Friedenskreis Halle e.V. in Germany (and abroad). Under "FK-Freiwillige" you can see who is and has been volunteer with us.

How to become a volunteer?

Depending on the type of service (EVS or weltwärts), there are differences in who may apply and how application takes place. Please check the handout "Become a volunteer!" and actual announcements.

Within "weltwärts" and partly within "EVS", we cooperate with permanent partner organisations as sending organisations (s. below). Send the partner organisation (in EVS: and us) an application within the below announced application period and according to our application guidelines. Please be aware: Out of organizational and fairness reasons we only consider applications made within that period and corresponding to our application guidelines.

For the service period september 2019 till september 2020 the application period is: 1.11.2018 - 15.12.2018. Please check the actual announcement (when uploaded). We are looking forward for your application!


Contact person:

Coordinator Peace services - International voluntary services in Halle and surrounding: Anja Wiegner


Friedenskreis Halle e.V. supports the campaign „VisaWie? Gegen diskriminierende Visaverfahren!“. Further Informationen: here and on the campaign-website .





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