Raif  Bexheti - 5 Months in Halle, Germany

Working in kindergarten (Kita Martha Maria) Dölau  (23 november – 29 february)

For working in kindergarten it was something completely new for me and i was exited for doing it..
1st week of work was like always getting to know each other with the colleges and the children.

After it started the normal working hours and tasks trying to get into the work and getting used to work with other people from another culture but of course having problems with the language and it was like normal for beginning but after a month getting better with my language and of course my tasks were getting more and more. But later was getting boring because having a lot of work in kitchen and the kids were so young (2 years old) I couldn't do my tasks with them because they don't speak so clear and don't understand me, so I was always trying to speak with my boss for getting a solution what to do or I had always to ask what can I do and the only response was stay in the kitchen and that was something really boring for me because I am a volunteer and my choice was working with kids not in kitchen. Having meeting every week with my boss in the end we found a solution that I could change my work and going to work in Kinder- und Jugendhaus.


Kinder und Jugendhaus (Südstad) (1st of march – continues)

Working in Kinder- und Jugendhaus for me is a better choice because the children here are older –
between 8-18 years old – and that is something very useful for me because I can speak with them and understand them more and they understand me more and of course I can learn the language better with them. Doing my duty's with them makes me happy because I feel useful here and the boss here is very good person that is trying to help me in every way.
Here is really cool because every week we have something new to do such as cooking, playing different games, having a lot of conversation, music etc etc...

Free Time:

On my free time I'm always having something to do so I don't feel alone and I have a lot of friends here and I have the chance to play football in a club (Roter Stern Halle) with all those players that are there and also they became my best friends here and they are helping me a lot in different ways that makes me feel comfortable.

This is the way that I would describe my 5 months in Germany.

Raif Bexheti

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