„Vielleicht in Deutschland“ – Gespräch mit einer, die auswandern will

In diesem Blogeintrag möchte ich von einem Gespräch mit Janna* erzählen. Janna kenne ich fast seit Beginn meiner Zeit in Jajce, sie ist Mitte 30, spricht gut Deutsch. Janna möchte im Juni auswandern – nach Deutschland. Wir haben uns über ihre Gründe auszuwandern unterhalten, über ihre Pläne und das, was sie hier erlebt. Korrigiert haben dieses Mal mein Vater und Henrike – vielen Dank!

Vor unserem Gespräch dachte ich noch, dass Auswandern für Janna eine von mehreren Möglichkeiten für die nächsten Jahre ist. Da habe ich mich getäuscht. Vor einem Jahr haben Janna und ihr Mann entschieden, dass sie nach Deutschland ziehen wollen, vor zwei Monaten ist Jannas Mann ausgewandert und zu Beginn der Sommerferien will sie nachkommen. Der Plan ist gefasst, nicht nur für Janna: So wie sie und ihr Mann verlassen pro Jahr im Moment etwa 36.000 Menschen Bosnien und Herzegowina um in einem anderen Land ein anderes Leben zu beginnen. Das ist so, als würde in Kassel jedes Jahr die Hälfte der Brasselsberger*Innen wegziehen.

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Lets talk about racism

Issues like identity, racism, nationalism, sexuality have always been problematic and that‘s why is really important to talk about them. Giving different opinions make people more open-minded about these issues and this is the first step to change this problematic situations. Personally I appreciate the work of Friedenskreis and their mission themes on global justice and trans cultural diversity.

I would like to start with identity and ist definition like whatever makes an entity definable and recognizable. I think that in our contexts we should talk about social identity or the person’s sense of who they are based on their group membership(s). So we grow up in a space that define who we are (not just by deciding some borders) but more important by indoctrinated in every stage of life. Like this we start to act as a part of this entirety, this entirety can be our nationality, religion, our way of life etc., and make it difficult to see out of this window. But when we get out of this window“ things are different and this can cause problems.

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Weltbienentag im Pflanzgarten

wir hatten am 22.05 Projekt zum Weltbienentag im Garten wo ich arbeite. Hier ist der Link der Sendung, vielleicht hat jemand interesse zu gucken was wir da gemacht haben.

Living in your own and volunteering, Fitore about her volunteering service at Lebens(t)raum e.V. WG 2

Changes are always challenging. I always wanted to try what I can do and what I can not. When I applied for this amazing program, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and to face my fairs out there. For me those 6 months have been really powerful and teach me a thousands of new things, even though I was working from a really young age and taking care for the budget of my family, but living alone far away from my parents, hometown it was my first time.

To be adapted in a city like Halle it is not difficult, because Halle is a small city, where you can find everything that you want in the center of the town which is 7 minuts by walking from where I live. The advantages of Halle are that If you meet someone, the opportunity or the chance to meet that person again are so big, and for sure you meet again on the tram, on the market, on the street ,on the bar, biblothek and everywhere.

Halle make me know myself more, make me know how to manage anger, how to avoid conflict, how to communicate, how to raise my voice when I have right, how to protect what is belonging to me, how to ask for what I want otherwise I would never have it.

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Ermas Report about her volunteering service at Lebens(t)raum e.V. in Halle/Saale

My name is Erma Andrić. I come from Bosnia and Herzegowina and I am a volunteer in Lebenstraum e.V. I'd like to introduce my everyday routine at my place of assignment (POA), as well as what I have gone through so far and what helped or hindered me in volunteering there.

As a psychology student I applied for this POA to get some field experience about the things I read in books. With no experience in working with people with dissabilities before I was pretty excited about it all. It turned out that it was nothing like I expected it to be. I thought I would be doing some workshops or funny everyday activities with them but it ended up in taking care of their basic needs and helping them go through a day with the tasks they are not able to do themselves. In the WG 1 where I volunteer, there are 7 persons with dissabilities from which 3 are constantly in a wheelchair and one more periodically. And so it went for the first two to three months. My day was consistent of setting the table for drinking coffee, going grocery shopping, preparing dinner and cleaning afterwards and then assisting the clients by showering and preparing for bed. So the working time is from around 3-9 pm. There is also one client who tends to be agressive in certain situations and I had a very difficult time in dealing with him.

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Luise berichtet über ihren Freiwilligendienst beim CED in Tearce

Luises Zwischenbericht ist fertig und nun als PDF zu lesen. Sie erzählt über ihren Alltag in Mazedonien, ihre Aufgaben und was in den letzten Monaten so alles passiert ist.

Diese Datei herunterladen (Bericht Nummer 2.pdf)Bericht Nummer 2.pdf 430 KB

SCHNEE und NACHDENKEN - Midtermseminar in Hütten, März 2018


Vom 19.03. bis 25.03.2018 sind die Internationalen Freiwilligen des Friedenskreises in das Bildungswerk Blitz e.V. nach Hütten gefahren, um dort das Midtermseminar zu verbringen. Inhalte waren unter anderem Reflektion des Freiwilligendienstes, Konfliktbearbeitung und Projektmanagment. Wir hatten in dieser Woche viele schöne Momente, interessante Diskussionen und erholende Ausflüge.


Why volunteering service in Halle is more than just a year of volunteering, Suzanas Report

Volunteering service with Friedenskreis is more than just one year being abroad and working in one of the places of assignment. It's a whole process of learning and also growing professionally and individually. Being by your own somewhere abroad, out of your comfort zone it's the best challenge that you can do for your self. Many of people can think that it is the same thing as living by yourself in your country, but I can say for sure that it's not the same. I was living alone for seven years in my country and sometimes I think that in these 6 months of volunteering I learned more than those 7 years in Albania. This because everything is new. New language, new people, new flatmates, new apartment, new conditions, new mentality and a lot (and just) beautiful things. Everything that u need it's just positivity and energy to use all these new things in good and productive way.




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