Luise berichtet über ihren Freiwilligendienst beim CED in Tearce

Luises Zwischenbericht ist fertig und nun als PDF zu lesen. Sie erzählt über ihren Alltag in Mazedonien, ihre Aufgaben und was in den letzten Monaten so alles passiert ist.

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SCHNEE und NACHDENKEN - Midtermseminar in Hütten, März 2018


Vom 19.03. bis 25.03.2018 sind die Internationalen Freiwilligen des Friedenskreises in das Bildungswerk Blitz e.V. nach Hütten gefahren, um dort das Midtermseminar zu verbringen. Inhalte waren unter anderem Reflektion des Freiwilligendienstes, Konfliktbearbeitung und Projektmanagment. Wir hatten in dieser Woche viele schöne Momente, interessante Diskussionen und erholende Ausflüge.


Why volunteering service in Halle is more than just a year of volunteering, Suzanas Report

Volunteering service with Friedenskreis is more than just one year being abroad and working in one of the places of assignment. It's a whole process of learning and also growing professionally and individually. Being by your own somewhere abroad, out of your comfort zone it's the best challenge that you can do for your self. Many of people can think that it is the same thing as living by yourself in your country, but I can say for sure that it's not the same. I was living alone for seven years in my country and sometimes I think that in these 6 months of volunteering I learned more than those 7 years in Albania. This because everything is new. New language, new people, new flatmates, new apartment, new conditions, new mentality and a lot (and just) beautiful things. Everything that u need it's just positivity and energy to use all these new things in good and productive way.




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Hier kommt der 2. Bericht von Friederike aus der Ukraine!

Friederike ist seit einigen Monaten in  Vinnytsia. Nun ist ihr 2. Bericht als PDF zu lesen. Als Teil ihres Freiwilligendienstes hat sie an einem Video gearbeitet, in dem es um den Erhalt eines Parkes in Vinnytsia geht.

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SCHIRM is a great place to ... Milos about his experiences at "S.C.H.I.R.M. Projekt"

SCHIRM Projekt, as a volunteer's place of assignment, is a social house dedicated for youth under the age of 27. Most of the guests that come here are socially ​and economically disadvantaged young people​ with various background stories. In terms of nationality, it is a very diverse place. Here, guests can have a warm meal, take some food with them, wash and dry clothes, take some second-hand clothes (which SCHIRM gets as a donation, mostly from locals), use gym in the basement, play pool, table tennis, some board games or just drink a cup of coffee while chatting with other guests. It is volunteer's and other social workers' job to keep the record of guests by writing their ID's number in the "presence book", talking with guests and advising them with some issues in their life, helping them fill out some bureaucratic forms, supervising guests' usage of the house's inventory (like wash machines, computers, guitar, gym, second-hand wardrobe, etc.) or simply playing with them.

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A big “playground” for everyone ... Tamara about "Grüne Villa" in Halle

I am Tamara, from Skopje-Macedonia, volunteer at Grüne Villa. Grüne Villa is cultural center, where many kinds of workshops are happening, but mainly theater for children-adolescents\forum theater, as people that run the place are theater artists. Anyway, it is not only about theater, but Villa is one big “playground” for anyone who has ideas useful for the society and environment to be realized. My experience till now is only positive, wonderful people, daily activities from which you can learn a lot, and possibility to implement your own knowledge and creativity! The best advice that I can give you, is to pack your baggage with some warm clothes and the rest with packages full of ideas, positivity, creativity and motivation to speak only in German! In Villa you will have nothing but amazing time and experience!

Eine bunte Blockflöte... Weihnachtsfeier mit Freiwilligen und Peer-Mentoren_innen


Am 20.12.2017 haben wir uns getroffen um gemeinsam die weihnachtliche Stimmung einzuleiten und haben gewichtelt. Einige der Freiwilligen, Peer-mentoren_innen und ein ehemalige Freiwillige waren da und haben sich gegenseitig beschenkt.

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Politics in Voluntary Service, Essay von Ismmar Mustafic, Januar 2018

Ismmar Mustafic, Freiwilliger des Friedenskreises Halle bei Clara Zetkin e.V. 2017/2018

"Today, in this day and age, in a world devided more than ever, we are facing curcial changes in our society and volunteering is more important than ever..." . Der ganze Text ist hier zu lesen. Eine Zusammenfasung auf deutsch folgt.

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