Besir reports about his 5 months of volunteering in Halle

"Life is the same for all, but is changing in some ways". From September last year I am part of project "Weltwärts" doing my voluntary service in  Lebenstraum e.V. What kind of place is Lebenstraum.e.V? It is a place where people with dissabilities are living. My main task is to help these people. I forced myself to find an opportunity to be close with them and this is happening thanks to my motivation.

The place where I work is a two-storey house with four inhabitants, living on the first floor. Four young boys under the age of 30 years, living on the second floor and four-year resident over the age of 30 (two girls and two boys). My duty is very simple I only help when it is needed. I started working from 15:00 to 21:00 during the day. Initially check all the rooms of residents to ensure that everything is alright then prepare coffee and tea.

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Nejlas Bericht

My name is Nejla Beganovic and I am a Bechor of Social pedagogy.

I come from Bosnia and Herzegovina. From September 2016, I have pleasure of volunteering at Evangelische Grund Schule, in one small city in Germany, named Halle. First of all, I can say it is life- changing experience.

At the beginning we all have thoughts like "is it worth to go somewhere abroad, somewhere you have never been, or to deal with difficult language barrier, just to volunteer? After few months spent in Germany I can say definitly is worth of it. At the beginning it was really hard, because how much you came prepared you cant even imagine with what kind of things you will deal, or what kind of people you ll find here.

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Isena reports about her time as a volunteer at kindergarden Marktspatzen

"Liebe Isena,
I am glad to confirm you are taken for voluntary service with Friedenskreis in Halle!
Place of assignment: Kita Marktspatzen"
And then, the voluntary service began...

I remember now this line from Eddie Vedder, when he sings "Rise" in the movie dedicated to Christopher McCandless'life: " Such is the way of the world, you can never know..."
And little did I know!

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Bericht von Ademir

Dear Florence, thank you for showing interest in volunteering in CZ Tagesgruppe.

My name is Ademir Durakovic, I am coming from Bosnia and I am volunteer in this place of assignement until september of 2017. If you ask me how my one working day looks like I can start with saying that you don't need to get up really early to go to work. Since it's called „Tagesgruppe“ (daily group) you will only work with children who are coming to CZ after school and leaving home when day is ended. Children are not coming before 11 AM, so be sure that they are excited when meeting new staff and workers so you will get into a game as soon as your day starts.

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Radiobericht von Olli aus Bosnien


Unser Freiwilliger Olli berichtet in einem Radiobeitrag über ethnische Konflikte in Bosnien, die Arbeit der CIM (Center for Peacebuilding) in Sanski Most und seinen Freiwilligendienst dort. Hier könnt Ihr den Beitrag nachhören.

Einen Sommer lang in Halle: Was Tété, Ayten und Quentin von ihrem Freiwilligendienst berichten

Tété Eda: My little volunteering experience in Deutschland, Halle (Saale) in the kindergarten Christusgemeinde

Hey hop, yesterday we arrived in Germany!
Today this is already the end of this adventure.
There is the end of three months that I was looking forward to. This adventure began with a small fear of the language especially.
Of course at the beginning it was a little bit difficult for me to talk and understand the children. But with a little perseverance things have improved because I heard the same vocabulary every day, and I got used on that words.
Lucky that I was working in the kindergarden Kita Christusgemeinde, to have a very cool boss and children. My first day already he gathered all the employees and their children, explained that I do not speak German and I am their new professor. He has spoken softly and taught me words in German.
I woke up every morning with a smile because I went to work with children super happy to see me coming to be amused – even couple up of them called me Papa, it was too cute and very rewarding for me.
The generosity and the gratitude of the children is priceless
Personally my first experience in kindergarden with the children for me is a success. I learned a lot not only for children but also for me.

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Eine Woche zwischen Eurovision-Songcontest und neuen Plänen für unserer internationalen Freiwilligendienste – Bericht von der Partnerkonferenz des Friedenskreises vom 9.-13. Mai 2016 in Halle


Vergangene Woche besuchten uns unsere Partnerorganisationen vom Balkan in Halle für unsere lange geplante Partnerkonferenz, die wir zusammen mit unseren deutschen Partnerorganisationen Schüler helfen leben, Eirene und Pax Christi Aachen organisierten und durch Weltwärts gefördert ist.

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Raif  Bexheti - 5 Months in Halle, Germany

Working in kindergarten (Kita Martha Maria) Dölau  (23 november – 29 february)

For working in kindergarten it was something completely new for me and i was exited for doing it..
1st week of work was like always getting to know each other with the colleges and the children.

After it started the normal working hours and tasks trying to get into the work and getting used to work with other people from another culture but of course having problems with the language and it was like normal for beginning but after a month getting better with my language and of course my tasks were getting more and more. But later was getting boring because having a lot of work in kitchen and the kids were so young (2 years old) I couldn't do my tasks with them because they don't speak so clear and don't understand me, so I was always trying to speak with my boss for getting a solution what to do or I had always to ask what can I do and the only response was stay in the kitchen and that was something really boring for me because I am a volunteer and my choice was working with kids not in kitchen. Having meeting every week with my boss in the end we found a solution that I could change my work and going to work in Kinder- und Jugendhaus.

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