Belgrade, Serbia

1. Description of the organisation 

Da se zna! (in Serbian: It should be known!) was found in March 2016, with its main focus on mapping and documenting unlawful conducts against LGBT + people in the Republic of Serbia.
Today, we are primarily concerned with strengthening the community through legal and psychological support, but also advocacy activities and the development of a structured advocacy program. For that reason, we initiate cooperation with other LGBT + organizations and human rights organizations at the national and international level, as well as all relevant state institutions in Serbia.
Our vision is a Serbia in which all citizens enjoy and exercise the same rights and have equal opportunities regardless of their personal characteristics, including sexual orientation and gender identity. To take a step forward to that goal, the specific objective of our Mission is to create a more efficient system of protection against discrimination and violence motivated by hatred, as well as the reaction of the competent authorities in accordance with international standards.
As an organization that puts a special focus on community outreach using online domain and tools, with over 17,000 followers on major social media outlets, we have become the digitally most visible LGBT + organization in Serbia, and the region.  

2. Volunteer’s tasks 

The volunteer will get an insight of all work fields at Da se zna!, since the volunteer’s task can vary from day to day, depending on where they are most needed.  
For example, the volunteer will help out with the yearly report on hate crimes against LGBT people in Serbia Da se zna! provides. Another task will be keeping the protocol at weekly meetings. As Da se zna! has a large social media presence, the volunteer’s main task will be ruled around creating content for platforms such as TikTok, Instagram or YouTube.
However, the volunteer is encouraged to come up with their own ideas for projects and discuss them with the team.  
In order to grow in their work at Da Se Zna, the volunteer will also have the chance to participate in trainings and workshops around the topics of social media and activism.  
During the Pride Week in September and during Pride month in June, the volunteer will help organising events and work together with an international team of volunteers. The volunteer will be able to participate in multiple educational events, which will give them an insight of the LGBTQ* community in Serbia and current issues. While doing so, the volunteer will be able to connect to the community and meet many new people.

 3. Skills and competences the volunteer should have

The volunteer should be open-minded and have some basic knowledge around the subject of LGBTQ*, since this the community Da se zna! works with and for. Furthermore, the volunteer should be able to come up with their own ideas when it comes to creating content on social media. As English will be the language of communication, they should have a good knowledge of English, as well as the motivation to start learning Serbian. As Da se zna! offers a very flexible way of working, therefore the volunteer will mostly be responsible for their way of working and will not have to follow a strict routine.

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